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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 2, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> ener rated a fantastic heritage video -- he narrated a fantastic heritage video -- >> don't say that >> sean: thanks for being with us. greta is next. >> greta: governor tim pawlenty draws a line in the san . saying no to health care money in a stunning and bold move. governor pawlenty issues an executive order them to reject discretionary funs from the federal health care law. good evening governor do. i have it correct? if so why did you do it? >> that's a fair summary. i did it for in reason, i and a lot of other people have had it. federal government is acting like a financial drug dealer handing out tastes or free samples trying to get people further area addicted and we had it and we are not taking the bait any more, not taking the free samples any more in is an executive order that
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says we are sending a strong message and make sure the policies are for minnesota not because some big bureaucracy tells us what to do. >> o' >> greta: secretary sebelius says the victims may be the people of minnesota and some in minnesota, i think the nurses' association has firing -- has come out firing shots at you who is with you on this in minnesota? >> i think a lot of i don't like obamacare, majority of america doesn't like obamacare. not to create a big one size fits all bureaucratic bureaucracy. if disadvantaged people need a little assistance to the extent we could afford it we should give it to them it should go to them directly we shouldn't have it flow through big bureaucracies. i think a majority of america is saying obamacare is radical,
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wrong direction. i think the country is headed in the same direction. >> greta: you said nationally, let me bring to you one of the polls that came out recently in your state. minnesota voters disapprove of the time thank you spend out of the state campaigning, becoming a national figure, 54% of 750 likely voters surveyed, disapprove of your national political activity. what do you say to 54% of the likely voters in minnesota who say you are interested in the nation not about us here in minnesota? >> well, i don't expect people would like the fact that i'm trying to get around the country and influence the elections in 2010. but i think it is important work. i think the future of the country is at stake. the future of minnesota is at stake if we don't get a better direction in these elections this fall. so i'm happy to do what i can. i think it is important work. i don't measure the value of it by what is important in any
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snapshot in time. i measure the value over the next decade for minnesota and the country. polls come and go. the sentiment of the moments come and go. i'm going to do what is right i think that will stan the test of time. >> greta: there's another poll that says 54% of the -- no 59% of the voters would pick you over governor palin which is an interesting poll. they would prefer governor romney over you in terms of president. here's another very interesting number, the unemployment rate in minnesota 6.8%, below the national average. while people are giving you heat, some people for this latest decision, tell me, why is minnesota below the national average in unemployment? what have you done differently? what is different about your state? >> quickly on the polls, it is a more left-leaning state and i'm a conservative so my approval ratings have ranged between mid 40s and mid 50s about where they are now.
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compared to other governors in the country particularly ones that are of one party governing a leans the other way that is still strong relatively in terms of the unemployment number the 7th lowest in the united states of america. we have added jobs in many of the last six or seven months. >> greta: why? >> i don't want to take credit for it. some of the things that helped we've drawn a line in the sand saying we are not going to raise taxes lower them over time, drive down government spending, we've done that. improve our schools with accountability not just more money. improve health care through markets not bureaucracies and more. the business community has said, we like that. that is something we can have confidence in something that reflects our market perspective and they are willing to grow, stay and invest in minnesota. >> greta: that number is significantly lower than the national standard. i don't know if it is the nature of the businesses or occupations in your state, significant. do you know offhand what it
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was a year ago? 6.8% going up or down from a year ago? i'm trying to figure out what your trend is in your state? >> it down. we peaked out at a little over 8%. national average is 10%. many of the states similar to minnesota have higher rates are blessed with a lot of things. great hardworking people, diverse economy ranging from traditional agriculture doing good to high end medical devices and technology and manufacturing, health care is our growth area and must have more. we've got a diverse economy that has helped stabilityize things also. >> greta: i give you credit, partial credit, i think you are entitled to credit as governor for your low unemployment rate. i'm curious this star tribune newspaper is giving you trouble, no sooner you issue that executive order on federal health care money your pac sends out a letter today looking for money for a national challenge. you are getting heat for that.
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>> yeah, i get heat for everything. from the pac standpoint i wasn't aware they had done that we didn't decide this for for any political purposes. we decided it for policy reasons consistent with the beliefs i've had for 20 years. this is not some new thing we just cooked up the other day. >> greta: governor, thank you. i'm going to take a closer look at your economy, because that's a good number. thank you governor. >> thank you greta. >> greta: new u.s.a. today gallup poll that must have republicans dancing in the streets, tonight the poll asks americans who would handle certain issues better, republicans or democrats in congress? for the economy, 49% say republicans would do a better job. 38% say democrats would. when asked about jobs, 46% say the gop would handle jobs better. 41% say democrats would. democratic pollster doug schoen joins us. doug, these numbers seem
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hugely significant, any way looking at these numbers could the party on the shorten of the stick, in this instance, the democrats, turn it around before midterm elections? >> i think it is going to be very tough for the democrats to turn it around. there would need to be a bold stroke from the president. like a payroll tax holiday or agreement to extend the bush tax cuts as a means of trying to stimulate the economy. short of something like that i don't see these numbers turning around. >> greta: in terms of payroll tax holiday, that was something the republicans suggested in february of '09 as a means to deal with our income. the democrats had the power, the majority decided to do this giant stimulus bill. if the president were to take your advice and go for a huge payroll tax would that be a factor since it would look like he had number one, said okay the republicans are right and that would send a message to the voters in number is that i got it wrong the republicans were right after all, don't vote for my party?
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>> i think what it would send would be a message that different times call for different policies. stimulus, obama administration and many economists argued was essential to keep the economy afloat. we need jobs, hiring, payroll tax would do it, appear to be bipartisan, broad public support and probably the quickest stimulator of hiring i could think of. >> greta: looking at the other numbers in these polls, like immigration, 50% say republicans will do better to 35% that the democrats. jobs and economy are sort of the big ticket items. when you go through this long list, terrorism, immigration, federal spending, economy, afghanistan, jobs, corruption in government. health care and environment the democrats pull ahead on just those last two. that's grim for the democrats. >> it is very grim. as a professional, i can say when you get the internals of
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the poll the numbers you were reading as really discouraging as they appear, what they say is it is difficult, if not impossible to turn this around. this raises the spector of the house and potential the senate going republican given this wholesale rejection of the democratic party and its issue positions. >> greta: is it every man for himself in the democratic party? democrat can look and say i better break from the k pelosi and harry reid and freelance with some ads that -- i mean stuck with how you voted on issues, at least more forward-looking ads. can that rescue somebody? >> that's the own hope for a lot of these individual house members and senators. like mark critz in pennsylvania he ran against obama to hold jack murtha's seat. democrats need to be anti-washington, anti-obama
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and take conventionally republican positions if they are to have a chance of holding on. >> greta: we've seen the influence of the tea party i think the tea party has a greater impact than the republican party in the democratic party, are there two factions? are there the union members, the rank and file, the old fashioned democrats and is there now sort of an elite sort of swanky, you know, new england elite group? is the democratic party also divided now? >> democratic party is divided between elites and working-class voters. it is also divided between those on the left who are dominant and those like myself in the center who worked for bill clinton who are in the minority now. regretably for the democrats, the electorate is much more center right than it is oriented towards the left. so, that's why you are seeing swing voters, moderate democrats and independents moving so heavily to the republicans.
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>> greta: these polls are fascinating. who knows what will happen between now and november. it is looking grim for one party right now, tonight doug thank you. >> thank you greta. >> greta: republicans may be dancing about the poll numbers tonight, but can they hold those until november? much could happen between now and election day, maybe. senator santorum is here. later, something really fun and not our usual. have you met the brian brothers? the number one doubles pair in the entire world competing right now at the u.s. open. something kept one up all night with worry and it wasn't tennis. he's going to tell you why his stomach is in knots. the brothers are fascinating. you will love them and you will see them right here. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed
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talk to your doctor and go to to find out more. >> greta: looking at that new u.s.a. today gallup poll americans trust republicans more than democrats on jobs and the economy. can republicans keep that momentum going through november 2nd, or could they blow it? joining us senator santorum many could they blow it? is it overly optimistic among the republicans? >> i think most republicans realize to win this time around if you are in any kind of competitive race is to avoid making mistakes. some people will make mistakes this is going to be a good election for republicans. the question is how good?
1:15 am
item per that enthusiasm with onening, in '94 the last time the republicans made a big win, there were a lot of democrats who didn't see it coming. there a single democrat in any race in the country who is not fully prepared and aware of how bad things are and how that you have race is going to be. >> greta: aren't they are a little late to the party? senator murkowski it was say she was rather relaxed going into the competition against joe miller. there's the business about the tea party they were slow, i think the democrats to see that. scott brown, they were so sure ever martha coakley. we listened to people in massachusetts and we thought, i don't think so. >> i don't know what lisa murkowski was doing whether she was running aggressive campaign or not. sarah palin still has a following in the base of the republican party. the key was it was a very low turn-out primary election. the base republican voter in
1:16 am
every state, every state is conservative. clearly no one was a -- miller was a more conservative candidate and that's why he won. lisa should have seen that coming. that is even different that what is going on now. there is not a democrat in any kind of competitive district. in pennsylvania we have eight seats that are held by democrats right now. i can tell you, -- an -- [ talking over each other ] >> the possibility of a republican pick-up they are all taking it seriously. >> greta: i think i would have a stroke if write democrat running for office in this country you say they all is going on if my leader of my country -- i've been harping on this, went off on a swanky vacation when people can't make payroll and can't pay college education. then comes home he has the oval office all redone beautiful, they all do it. it is -- all presidents change it. it is really bad timing when you have a bad economy. such a tin ear, i would be
1:17 am
raising hell with my leader. >> it also feeds into the problem that obama has generally. that he's tone-deaf to the interests of the american people. in other words, the american people saying we want to focus on jobs and the economy last year. he's off doing health care reform. >> greta: i think that hurts the democrats trying to run, trying to get jobs for their districts. it is like, it -- impressions matter. >> no question. democrats are as doug said before running from the president not running with the president. not running from him just on policy. they are being critical of him and the way he's handling his job and his vacations as well as sort of not listening to the mood of the american public whether health care, the mosque. now you see democrats saying they will amend, they are not saying repeal, i don't know of a single democrat who isn't out there saying we'll fix the health care bill. >> greta: is it late?
1:18 am
i don't believe they see this coming. it is not just today, this has been going on for over a year. >> i agree. however, they are better funded. the democrats have more money nationally and if you look race by race particularly on the congressional side. in my state of pennsylvania, i know the details, they are out-raising every republican in some cases by big numbers. a lot of republicans looking good in these early polls will not know what hit them. do not count this as a done deal. >> greta: i'm not. i'm going to take the last word on that one senator nice to see you. the national unemployment rate is 9.5%. guess what it is in ohio? 10.3% unemployment. griff jenkins is bringing you the scoop on small businesses directly from the pe
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>> greta: griff jenkins bringing you the small business report from inside toledo, ohio. >> reporter: greta we are in toledo, ohio where vice president biden came to speak to auto workers. toledo is a manufacturing town its unemployment a little above the national average. so, we decided to speak with small business owners in the manufacturing industry as well as -- this machine is what you
1:22 am
build, this is your product. what does it do? >> this is our standard product we will build between 8 and 10 of these machines per year. they are finishing machines. they take a unfinished plastic bottle and turn it into a finished bottle. >> reporter: this finishes the bottles we were looking at? >> our cutters their sales are not down they are flat selling into a consumer product undust street they are not impacted. >> reporter: do you have health care for your employees? >> we do. we've always had health care for our employees for whatever reason that is a negative right now also. i don't know why it is impacted as it is. but our health care costs went up 24% effective today. >> reporter: if you got into a parking garage and received one of those tickets for parking chances are it may have come from the toledo
1:23 am
ticket company. tom you are the fifth generation president of this company. you are making a big celebration this year? >> thrilled to be celebrating one huff -- 100 years of a company my great grandfather started. >> reporter: your company went through the depression now a tough economy again. how are you doing? >> we are doing well. we've done what a lot of other small businesses have done. we've cutback things like employee over time. trying to maintain our current employees without having to let anybody go or lay anybody off. we have done some things for our customers. our customers seem to be demanding the same quantity, the same product but at a lower price as we are getting beat up in the marketplace by suppliers increasing their prices on us not wanting to increase our customers' prices. what we are doing now is helping our customers redesign
1:24 am
what they are currently using so we can sell at a lesser cost. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> diversification. although we've been known as a ticket manufacturer, we still have tickets as our base. we've expanded upon that product line by going into plastic. >> reporter: frank how is the flower business? >> the flower business is okay. i characterize it as okay. it could be better, it could be worse too. >> reporter: this is a gorgeous store you have a big store. how many stores, how many employees do you have? >> three stores, 50 employees. >> reporter: have you seen your business on an increase? take me through what your being a florist small business owner has been over the last couple of years. >> we found immediate impact in october when the financial crisis hit that affected directly the christmas buying season that year we saw
1:25 am
weakness throughout the spring as we went into' 09. it has leveled off. certainly un-- uncertainty caused not just by the economy but by what the government is doing. there's a lot of uncertainty with how legislation being considered or passed in washington is going to affect us. >> reporter: what do you think would help small business owners like yourself? >> the biggest thing right now tax cuts. there's uncertainty about whether the bush tax cuts are going to be examine extended next year that represents a fairly substantial tax increase to most small business people. some certainty about what is going to happen there would help. >> reporter: what message would you want the folks in d.c. to know? what could help them make their decisions? what could they do to help a guy like you grow? >> the biggest thing washington can do to help me is get out of my way. >> greta: coming up, hurricane earl is barreling towards the east coast.
1:26 am
over 100 mile winds. where will it hit and who is going to be safe? who needs to get out of town right now? later i aced one of tennis' top players at the u.s. open. sort of, not really. the bryan brothers pick up rackets. you will see. 
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>> greta: is a fox news weather an lawyer. brace yourself north carolina and virginia declaring state of emergency. he's violent and mean hurricane earl is coming at you, if you live on the east coast. national hurricane center is extending warning through massachusetts. the hurricane is back at cat 4 and is expected to blast north carolina thursday night around friday morning not expected to make landfall could bring winds of more than 100 miles per hour with it, lots of rain and high surf. after north carolina earl is
1:30 am
predicted to continue barreling north soaking spots like martha's vineyard annan tuck tkhefplt could be a rough labor day weekend for many. log on to terrifying hostage situation at the discovery channel's building in maryland. here's the story as it happened. >> reporters of maryland, discovery channel building evacuated. there are records of possible hostage situation. >> reporting a male carrying, this is coming across the wires, possible bomb device barricaded inside discovery building with hostages. >> the man who identified himself to me as an engineer at the discovery channel who has been going floor to floor to make sure everyone is out. he gave me a name for the suspect which we will not broadcast now until we verify it. he said this individual in the lobby was known to people in the building and has held a
1:31 am
protest there. >> all he can do is take the information you have and sort out what you have double source and triple source and what don't. the stuff that we have doubled and triple source indicates we are working with a little bit of crazy in silver spring maryland today. >> he was wearing what appeared to be metallic canister devices on his front and back. he also pulled a handgun out was waving a handgun. right now we have an unconfirmed number of hostages, small number of hostages that are with the suspect at this point. we ever in negotiations with him, currently. >> they will not confirm his name 's standard. but we have a -- his name yet that is standard. we have it confirmed, he is a man named james lee i got background on the protests held. >> the engineer thought he saw two pipe bombs strapped to the front of his vest and four canisters. he said he was holding what looked to be a stay er with a
1:32 am
red blinking -- stapler with a red blinking light on top. they don't know but offered this as assessment this sounds to what is called a dead man's switch. >> it is my understanding that montgomery county police officers are talking with him. continuing for well over an hour. >> perhaps it is one of the most talented person, but misguided at the same time that i've ever met. >> suspect was shot by police officers. the device appeared to go off. we haven't confirmed that as of this time. we saw some smoke. we haven't confirm add that information yet. there were three hostages, all the hostages are safe and are out of the building is >> the police and bomb squad are still working to dismantle
1:33 am
what they believe to be possible explosive devices found inside backpacks at the headquarters of the discovery channel in silver spring, maryland. suspected gunman is dead. police confirm to fox news they shot and killed him as that standoff ended. >> greta: next up, this is fun, you go inside the u.s. open with the bryan brothers. there's so much more to them than tennis. they play music with the counting crows. you have to met they are great. remember the tennis player who won the longest match, 11 hours? we caught up with him also. >> later, if you work at the job we found you probably don't need a happy hour after the workday. that's your hint. funny thing about vegetables... they fill you up without filling you out. yes!
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>> this is a fox news alert. i'm ainsley earhardt. breaking news on a story grettedda was reporting earlier. the anticipated arrivalav hurricane earl. the category 4 storm has picked up new strength with close to 140-mile-per-hour winds. a short time ago, president obama signed a disaster declaration for north carolina. he's ordering federal agents to assist the state with any problems caused by earl. we have a nasa photo of the storm. it's a little more than 500 miles from the coast of cape
1:38 am
hatteras, north carolina. and it could hit there late thursday. 30,000 coastal people have been ordered to leave. and authorities warn, those who stay could be without assistance for several days after the storm. residents are boarding up homes and businesses along the coast. dangerous rip tides are expected as far as new england, over the labor day weekend. i'm ainsley earhardt. we now return to "on the record with greta van susteren." out >> greta: right now if you go behind the scenes at the u.s. open. your guides? the bryan brothers. they are 30 to the number one doubles team in the world they've already won 61 titles. they have a foundation and also musicians. you will enjoy getting to know them. we met up with them in flushing queens at the u.s. open. thank you for joining us. wonderful to be here at the u.s. open. >> thanks for having us. >> you guys excited to be here? >> this is a good time of the year for us. long lead up to the summer
1:39 am
season this is the big one. >> greta: speaking of that, i have some tennis balls that i need to have you sign. gout a pen? >> you sign it for us. we want your autograph. >> all right, to greta. all right there you go. >> greta: do you guys have any idea how exciting it is for us to be here? it is exciting for us. >> we are excited to see you. we watch you on tv every night and we are big fans of you. >> greta: why do you guys win all the time? >> it helps being twins. a guy you have been with for 30 to straight years together everyday you kind of think alike. doubles about communication. >> greta: that's what i thought. every intricate part of each other? >> yeah we played thousands of matches together. there are teams joining up for
1:40 am
the first time this week. we have miles of experience on these guys. we are never going to give up on each other. a lot of these guys have tough matches and they break up. we are always building. >> greta: there is so much more to you. music. what is with the music? >> we love it. secondary passion. we are always jamming in the hotel rooms, i bring a guitar he brings a piano. we started playing when we were 2-years-old. my dad played in a band. we've always done tennis and music together. we cut an album last year and having fun. we are using music to raise money for our charity the bryan brothers organization. after tennis we might try go fulltime music. >> we had our biggest gig ever yesterday in arthur ashe stadium, 22,000 people, two songs, it was ed our hearts were going. tennis seems easy it was a
1:41 am
rush. i didn'tsleep all the night before. i slept like a baby before a match. going out there and seeing eye sea of people that you are trying to -- it is not as natural. >> you can mess up doing music definitely. tennis comes second nature. >> greta: some people can mess up playing tennis. you don't ever get nervous when you go out on the court? >> davis cup matches are more nerve-racking when you are playing for something other than each other, for your country. you got a lot of people, staff and people depending on you. yeah, it is tough. >> greta: is it a job or still fun? >> it is still fun for us. we love doing it together. i think being a twin, playing with your brother and traveling with your brother is fun. if we were playing singles, i don't know if we would still be out here. it is still a job. you feel that week in and week out. but it is the best job have. playing in the sun, going to
1:42 am
nice spots around the world and doing what love. >> greta: do you argue at all? if i played a sport with high sister she would be bossing me around. >> we are still brothers. we still get into fights. the losses are tough. when you lose, true professionals would fly to different cities to see their families, mike and you are sitting in 2a and 2b and telling each other everything in the book. i'm going to give it to him straight. we are not going to hold our tongue. >> greta: you guys don't even know what it is like to lose, you've had so little experience at it. >> you are playing every week our best year we won 11 titles we still play then a year. we are going to have our losses. doubles is a fine line. you can lose the match. we do lose. it hurts to lose. we hate losing. i'll let him hear about it, he
1:43 am
lets me hear about i. >> in sports it is how you deal with the losses. everyone is going to lose you have to stay positive. it is a tough tour. my dad is so great he sends us an e-mail 30 seconds after we lose and he lists everything we've done in our career and read it over. >> greta: your parents have been a huge influence. you when were you young. >> they stopped coaching us on the tour in 2001. but they still, when we have a touch patch and lose matches we'll fly back to california and they look at our game and they could say one word that might spark us. >> greta: if you could pick anyone in history to play doubles against what two people would you play against? >> johnny mack and peter fleming. we still play john mcenroe, 50-years-old still an amazing. cool to play against him. i don't know, we idolize andre agassi.
1:44 am
he beat us when we were 17-years-old. we never played him when were were at the peak of our game. he didn't play a lot of doubles but it would be fun to play against him. >> greta: can you go any place in the world where people don't recognize you? >> yeah, we a perfect niche. doubles don't have the same limelight as singles. we sign autographs but we can go through a hotel. andy roderick and ferrer, they can't stay anywhere. we can have dinner and not be bothered. tennis fans know us. we not really outside the -- weather not really outside the box. here on the grounds we feel like rock stars. >> greta: you are rock stars! everyone is excited to see you. >> it feels good. for the most part we have positive fans. we don't take a lot of
1:45 am
negative press. when we win there's good articles. when we lose there's not a lot of people that care. >> greta: that is great, more fun to win isn't it? >> yeah and we don't get torn up. >> greta: how about physically, you guys in good shape? >> you always got something when you play tennis all year around. but we've been lucky. we haven't had a major injury never had to take a tournament off. we to keep healthy to play doubles so we've been lucky. >> greta: now it is time to really go behind the scenes.
1:46 am
>> this is where they string the rackets. >> $30? >> how many rackets do you do a day? >> today, over 300 or so yesterday. >> wow. yeah. >> we are super stitious, so we always use the guy with the "w" on his back. hey, batman. that's our man. >> you use him? >> that's our guy. >> this is where the players hang out. >> mellow out. >> it's pretty busy the next couple of days. everyone gets here, coaches. it's a meet market. the best feeling when you make it to the end of the tournament and you come in here and have you it all to yourself.
1:47 am
you can get your food whenever you want and you can spread out. >> what type of foundation do you have? >> bryan brothers foundation. we are inspired by andre aggasi. >> we have done it the last few years. we do a couple of events each year for underprivileged kids. >> logo? >> logo. >> we are doing two events this year in california. >> we have all of our friends come out. guys come out and we play an exhibition. and at night, we play music, which we love to do. >> and you get nervous. >> yeah. we get nervous playing music. >> it's a jam fest. >> what do the proceeds go? >> after-school programs for kids in our area. we sponsored a couple of kids that don't have enough money to
1:48 am
tape a racket or coaching. we play for club membership and tournaments. we spread it around. any good cause, they pitch us ideas and we use the money for the kids. >> we gotta go. >> you finished that match? >> i did. greta, how are you? >> good. how are you? how's that ankle? >> better. a lot better. longest match in the history of tennis? >> 112, i thought. 113 aces per year. >> that's amazing. >> you won an award. >> how many hours? >> 11. >> what was the final score in. >> 70-68. >> you are still recovering.
1:49 am
>> good rally. i hit it too soft for you. >> nice. >> whatever you do, don't get nervous. >> all right. focus. ooh! >> you got that one. that's the only one we are going with or i am never speaking to anybody on this staff again. ever! unless we show that one alone. i missed a lot. check out the bryan brothers' website at they have a popular tennis appear for the iphone, they have everything. follow them on twitter. we've already been following them on twitter now you can too. coming up, we have your perfect -- we have distilled your perfect job, stay tuned to find out what that job is
1:50 am
and why it would make you drunk with excitement. >> later marijuana gets people high. chance when the marijuana [ female announcer ] stay once. stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at it's laughs over a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad. catching up over wood-grilled shrimp and chicken.
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. it is a bird, it is a plane it's the pot plane.
1:54 am
no not an illegal drug delivery. massive aero dynamic drug bust in colorado. the national guard was brought in after police found thousands of plants in two locations. because of terrain they decided to use helicopters to pick them up. police believe the operates have been working for years and looking for one person who they spotted running from the plants. >> this job is lifting might leave you drunk with excitement when you hear the perk. they can't afford a bottling machine so they are asking for volunteers. here's the volunteers are unpaid but get a of whiskey for helping out. sounds look a win-win situation. if this piques your curiosity, the waiting list has 900 people on it. >> we may have put you in the mood for whiskey. this deer in china loves his brew. he now drinks two a day
1:55 am
sometimes three. a waitress says, it started when she was cleaning up after customers and jokingly passed a half empty bottle of beer to the deer and the deer guzzled it down. he's open-minded he'll drink wine if he can get his hooves on some beer. we thought it was the other way around. any way there you have the best of the rest. still ahead last call. why is jimmy fallon talking about secretary of state clinton's favorite work-out. what? stick around.
1:56 am
1:57 am
1:58 am
1:59 am
>> greta: 11:00 is almost here flash those studio lights. last call. hillary clinton routine and and yeah. on a stationary bike. you used to work hard, not getting anywhere. not her fault. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. until here, make sure you keep it here on fox news channel, the most power full name in news. we'll let you know if earl will drown out your labor day plans. you can track earl yourself on fox


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